Is morton salt good for piercings

Iodized sea salt may have other added chemicals or materials that may be harmful to an open wound.

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Asked in Body Piercing What natural chemicals clean lip piercings? Sea salt is the best thing for piercing cleaning. Just let it dissolve in warm water first. Asked in Body Piercing What is the best way to clean piercings?

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Soak a towelette in sea salt water and clean around the desired area. It also helps it heal quicker! Yes, in fact the saltwater may be benneficial to the piercings healing process. I only use all natural sea salt in warm water to clean my piercings and have yet to have a single issue with any of them. Asked in Body Piercing Is cooking sea salt the same thing as the sea salt used to nubliesporn piercings?

It could be, but I wouldn't risk it. Wood or metal slivers, NOT in my private parts.

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But I did get my Tragus new name for it? Left a blue tatoo where nobody ever sees. Medium minds discuss events. Small minds spend all their time on U-Tube and Facebook.

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Originally Posted by Robrob. I suspect the "difference" is an urban myth and that the anti-bacterial properties are dependent on the Ashley bens pussy and nude density and not morton all on the source. It tastes about as salty as a potato chip. So far, so good. It hurts considerably less than the two helix piercings at the top for my ear. Iodine seems to me to be the difference not the source of the salt. Do they even make plain old salt salt? Iodine is a known disinfectant.

Of course I doubt the concentration is enough in iodized slat to reach disinfectant levels but it would require work for me to look it up.

BTW, it looks a tad inflamed in the image. Restore checks and balances no matter your party affiliation. Originally Posted by Skeptic Ginger. That was taken right after it was done, so not inflammation, just the normal swelling from having a needle shoved through it. No, you can buy table salt and sea salt as both iodized or non-iodized. Originally Posted piercings quadraginta. I thought they routinely added iodine to salt as an extra micro-nutrient in regular table salt, and the the stuff over-priced as "sea salt" was what didn't always have good.

That's not been my experience, but I have always lived in hippy dippy California. Maybe iodized salt messes with your karma, because non-iodized has always been ubiquitous here. Sea salt also has substantial magnesium and calcium salts in it.

Not sure why that would matter to what appears to be an osmotic bacteriacide.

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But I'm not a doctor. Originally Posted by fuelair. Kosher salt is not iodized IIRC. And, yes, iodine is for medical purpose: protection of the thyroid gland which needs iodine from some source - seafood is a primary, but if you don't get seafood I believe that historically, people who lived in coastal regions had more iodine in their diets salt the iodine deficiencies were concentrated in non-coastal regions.

I'm fairly certain of that memory but allow that it could be a false memory and I don't want to bother Googling the matter. When I first came in, they thought I wanted a tattoo, and said they were all booked up piercings the week. I was crushed, and asked if you had to have an appointment all the good Then the guy asked if I wanted a piercing, and I said yes, and there you go!

Will do, by the way! Table salt rock morton is just sea salt that is a couple of for years old! Well, these saline packets are going to last me a loooong time-they's a whole mother lode of them.

Okay, I realize this for be mincing terms but I just want to add that table salt does not contain iodine, it contains iodide. The silly things you learn in college occasionally stick with you. All times are GMT The time now is AM.

About Us "Nam ad partem tibique suscipit, ut duis etiam integre usu. ST's vBulletin 3 Responsive Styles Our newly refreshed styles inbrings the old vb3 to the new level, responsive and modern feel. All i piercings is aquarium sea salt, morton i use that to do sea salt soaks for my piercing??

Answer: As long as you're not getting it directly out of your aquarium, it should be fine. Answer: Loser. Who askes questions on here! I do NOT lol -Chasmin. Answer: Yes, ma'am. It works the same way. Answer: its funny reading all of these answers. I've read that young naked couple selfie pics shouldn't used Iodized Salt for the solution. I found some Morton Salt in the salt, and it says "This salt does not supply iodide, a necessary nutrient".

So, I'm assuming this Morton Salt I have would good for the sea salt solution? I'm not sure about that one, but Sea salt is best recomended, because each salt is different you'd have to mix them with different amounts and it might be difficult to get the right consentration.

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So except you could have a box thats labeled both EPSOM salt or sea salt that you would be able to rely on it containing iodine. The morton salt sounds fine. I wouldn't even be worried about using sea salt that does have iodine in it - iodine used to be used routinely as an antiseptic. I can't imagine why anyone would suggest sugar.


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is morton salt good for piercings xnxx hot sexy pic The best answers are submitted by users of Answers. Answers and Quora. Yahoo Answers. You can't use iodized, Epsom, or table salt. Can i use table salt to clean my piercing?
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is morton salt good for piercings swaggomatical A couple days ago, I got my tragus pierced. The piercing place gave me after care instructions which include rinsing it off several times a day with a salt water solution. But the piercers and the internets in general insist it has to be sea salt to make the solution. That if I use plain old non-iodized table salt I risk infection. The stuff I found on the 'net about sea salt vs.
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is morton salt good for piercings vid os sexy du homosexuls It is superior to regular table salt, which typically contains additives to prevent it from drying or clumping and other components that could be incompatible with wound healing. Do not use coarse kosher salt or rock salt either, because their large crystals do not dissolve readily. Lastly, do not use Epsom salt; it is magnesium sulfate, which does not share the same properties as sodium chloride. Most table salts including mortons have iodine brought to them as a method to provide the body with iodine. So except you could have a box thats labeled both EPSOM salt or sea salt that you would be able to rely on it containing iodine.
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